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Yesterday’s News Clumping Paper Litter


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Have a positive impact on your cat's health and happiness while supporting the environment when you choose Purina Yesterday's News clumping paper cat litter. This low dust cat litter is made with recycled paper, a sustainable material that's also gentle on your cat's sensitive paws. Powerful odour control and excellent absorbency make this unscented clumping cat litter a smart choice for households with multiple cats. Natural guar gum provides outstanding clumping action for quick and easy scooping, and mineral oil helps minimize dust to enable a clean pour. We craft this multi-cat clumping paper cat litter in North America. Lightweight and easy to carry, 10 pounds of Yesterday's News unscented cat litter holds the same amount of litter by volume as 20 pounds of clay clumping litter. As an added benefit, our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Please note bags of food/litter are not available for shipping, local pickup only


  • Quick dry clumping helps lock away odours and provide easy cleaning
  • Highly absorbant
  • 99.9% dust-free
  • Made with recycled paper
  • Veterinarian recommended Gentle on sensitive paws