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The Straw Boss Premium - Non Clumping Cat Litter


The Straw Boss high-quality dust extracted straw provides a safe and healthy environment for all types of animals.

Please note bags of food/litter are not available for shipping, local pickup only

• 100% Natural
• 100% Biodegradable
• 100% renewable
• Absorbent
• Superior all natural odor control
• Less tracking
• Heat treated

Airborne dust can contain bacteria, mould spores, viruses and plant material. Having minimized dust provides increased animal comfort, employee wellness and reduces barn maintenance costs, while creating a comfortable and healthier environment for all.

Dust extracted straw is significantly more absorbent than non processed straw or traditional wood shavings. Our highly absorbent product will decrease the presence of ammonia that can be found within the bedding. As a result, barn odor is better controlled, creating a more bio-secure environment.

Straw biodegrades much faster than wood shavings which reduces the size of manure piles. Straw does not tie up nitrogen as it biodegrades, making The Straw Boss Dust Extracted Straw a great choice for farmers and gardeners who want to take advantage of putting organics back into their land.