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Omega Paw Siesta Cat Bed


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Raising your furry friend up off the floor, the Omega Paw Siesta Cat Bed gives your kitty a comfy, cozy bed to rest on all day long. Cute and soft, the elevated bed is the perfect place to relax after a long day chasing mice or running from the vacuum. The elevated design allows air to flow underneath, keeping your kitty well-ventilated. When placed over a forced-air heating vent, the bed becomes a warm, relaxing bed that allows your feline friend to rest even on cool winter days. A cat oil treatment encourages your kitty to use it, perfect for acclimating the kitty to its new favorite napping spot. Made from durable plastic with a strong, industrial-grade home decor carpet pad, the bed complements your home's design while resisting damage from active cats. The nesting design conserves space in cabinets and on shelves, allowing you to stack multiple cat beds safely out of sight (other beds sold separately). Cozy, comfy, and ready for your feline friend, your cat will rest comfortably on the Siesta Cat Bed by Omega Paw.