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LivStrong Weight Control & Digestive Aid


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Weight Control Supplement is made up of Four key herbs: Cumin, Green Tea, Ginger & Kelp…and that is all!  Cumin is the first and dominating ingredient and holds a plethora of health benefits behind its calming smell.  Cumin is known to help reduce body weight.  The second is Green tea which is known to boost metabolism and fat-burning capabilities.  The Third ingredient is Ginger which has many health benefits, but consuming ginger can decrease body weight.  The final ingredient is Kelp which is extremely nutrient-dense loaded with vitamins and minerals, but it contains a unique kind of fibre called alginate.  Alginate inhibits fat-digesting enzymes called lipases which helps prevent fat digestion.  It comes in a black recyclable jar 145g with an easy-to-use small measuring spoon.