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Lap it Up Dog Water Bottle


Hydrate your dog, on the go, in the car or hiking! This unique dog water bottle is specially designed to keep your dog hydrated with clean, cold, fresh water while on the go. Easy to use. Simply squeeze the bottle to fill the water bowl, release the squeeze and the water flows back into the bottle so no water is wasted!

It comes with an adjustable strap and clip hook, making it easy to attach to backpacks, belts, strollers, bikes and more. Bring Lap-It-Up™ Dog Water Bottle on hikes, walks, jogs, hunting, fishing... anywhere, anytime!
Lap-It-Up™ Dog Water Bottle also fits in most standard vehicle cup holders, making it ideal to bring with you on the road while heading up to the cottage. 


Product Features:
• Made of B.P.A. (Bisphenol A) Free plastic
• 20 fluid ounce holding capacity
• Neoprene sleeve helps keep water cool
• Leak proof bottle
• 2 valve system allows water to drain back into bottle