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Furminator Nail Grinder


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The FURminator Nail Grinder for dogs and cats is a lightweight, cordless grinder that files and smooths nails with ease. This compact, 2-speed grinder features an easy-grip handle for safe, secure trimming and an LED light that illuminates the nail. An anti-microbial plastic finish helps keep germs and bacteria to a minimum. This tool includes two replaceable grinding bands (additional replacement bands sold separately) and 4 AA-alkaline batteries. Replace the grinding band when it appears worn or when it becomes more difficult to file your pet's nails. Pets need their nails trimmed on a regular basis, usually monthly. Untrimmed nails can affect the comfort and overall health of your pet. Untrimmed nails can cause pets to develop sore feet, legs and hips, well as general discomfort.



  • FILES AND SMOOTHS NAILS: Furminator Nail Grinder can be used on dogs and cats.
  • 2-SPEED: Adjustable to meet the needs of any pet.
  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHT: Illuminates the nail for easier and safer trimming
  • COMPACT: Lightweight tool is compact and easy to handle.
  • INCLUDES 2 GRINDING BANDS: Trims and smooths nails with ease - replace grinding bands as needed (additional replacement bands sold separately).