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SWheat Scoop Fast Clumping Litter


Wheat Scoop Fast Clumping Litter is nice to cats, but not nice to odors. Made from biodegradable wheat, multi-cat utilizes wheat enzymes to eliminate urine and ammonia odors. All that odor-fighting power without the added dyes, perfumes, dust, or harmful ingredients typically found in clay litters is what you'll find. In other words, a cat litter that works like a cat litter should; "naturally."

Are you ready to help change the world? Make a difference in the lives of animals all over the world simply by spoiling yours with the gear they want & need.  Every item raises funds to end animal abuse around the globe.  Join Toby's mission. Together we can make a difference for animals everywhere!

$0.5 Raised from Every Unit Sold! 

Product Features:


  • Wheat enzymes eliminate urine and ammonia odors
  • No added dyes, perfumes, dust, or harmful ingredients