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Slow Feeder

$9.99 $22.99

Slow feeders are extremely beneficial for any aged dog.  Eating fast can cause a lot of damage to the stomach and trachea, which is why we have included a full line of different slow feeders for your doggo's health and safety.  If your pup eats really fast, be sure to pick up a slow feeder today. If they start to get the hang of that one, grab a different pattern to keep their eating slowed down.

This is the slow feeder design Terrible Toby himself uses! He definitely approves

Is your pup ready to change the world? Make a difference in the lives of dogs all over the world simply by spoiling yours with the gear they want & need.  Every item raises funds to end animal abuse around the globe.  Join Toby's mission! Together we can change the world, one dog at a time.

$2 raised from every unit sold

Express delivery item! Delivered to all Canadian addresses in 10 days or less.
One-day delivery in select regions!

Volume: 2cups
Material: Plastic