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Musher's Secret


Made with 100% natural waxes. Excellent at preventing build up of snow and ice on paws and hooves. Excellent protection from "salt burn" caused by ice melting chemicals, etc. and from sandburn and hot asphalt in summer. Keeps paw pads supple and helps prevent old calloused paws from slipping on smooth surfaces when applied regularly. Helps keep hooves from cracking due to dryness while sealing out excess moisture. Soothes fly bitten ears on dogs and horses and helps keep biting insects off and away.

Vitamin E and beeswax soothe and heal dry, cracked pads that have been damaged by the heat and rough surfaces. Musher's Secret forms a breathable barrier for your animals paws and is used for year-round protection in many different environments.


  • DOGS: Hot Spots, Elbows, Ears, Snouts, Paws
  • CATS: Paws
  • HORSES: Ears, Under Jaw, Base of Tail, Hooves
  • CHICKENS: Feet, Wattles