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Perfect Litter Wellness Indicator


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Perfect Litter is composed of naturally occurring minerals that present a superior alternative to traditional clay-based cat litter products and other non-clay based products which presently constitute over 95% of the cat litter market. The Wellness Indicator in Perfect Litter Alert is a pH indicator for high alkalinity and is designed to be an early warning system for Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). At 70% lighter and 4x more absorbent than clay litter, Perfect Litter is the premier lightweight cat litter on the market. One 4-lb bag last as long as a 28-lb bag of clay litter (approximately 1 month supply for one cat)


Please note bags of food/litter are not available for shipping, local pickup only 

Product Features:

  • Made from natural minerals 
  • Lightest natural litter
  • 70% lighter than clay litter
  • Wellness Indicator changes color when cat may be sick 
  • 4x more absorbent than clay litter
  • Excellent clumping 
  • Exclusive microbial odor control (no fragrances added) 
  • Easy clean up