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Nylabone Power Play Flat Soccer Ball 5.5"


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Power Play Gripz Dog Soccer Ball Toy

The Soccer Gripz toy is a soccer ball for dogs that offers a fresh take on traditional sports balls, featuring a pickup-indent shape that is easy for pups to grab and retrieve during playtime. It bounces and rolls erratically when kicked to keep your dog "on their paws"—no two chases will be the same! Perfect for solo or team play, this dog soccer ball toy can be used indoors or outdoors and is sure to bring out the furry MVP in your dog. Grip better, chase farther, and play harder with the original Soccer Gripz dog toy!

First-of-its-kind dog soccer ball toy features a unique indented shape that's easy for pets to pick up and retrieve
Interactive dog toy bounces and rolls unpredictably when kicked
Perfect for solo or team play
Can be used indoors or outdoors