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JW Mouse Toy


JW Zippy Mouse cat toy gives your cat something to chase as it zips across the floor. No batteries required, pull the Zippy Mouse backwards on a flat surface, then watch it zip away! The quick "Zippy" Movement replicates prey movement that will engage your cat's natural instinct to hunt and catch their prey. Great for interactive play between cats and their pet parents, the Zippy Mouse is lightweight, and is covered in felt material that makes it easy for your cat to paw at or carry off to hide.

  • Great fun for your cat- Simply roll backwards on a hard surface and watch it zip across the floor
  • Built with your cat in mind-felt material makes it easy to bat at or pick up
  • Play Time: From plush catnip toys to interactive pounce and chase toys, feather cat teasers, tumblers, feather balls and more, JW Pet makes cat toys designed to enrich playtime and encourage exercise
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