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JW Chompion Bone


The JW Middleweight Chompion toy is designed for medium to large dog breeds. The durable, natural rubber material of the JW dog bone allows eager chewers and teething dogs to chomp heartily, exercising and strengthening jaw muscles. The textured bumps clean plaque off dogs' teeth, helping keep teeth healthy and clean while they play. The rubber of the toy is soft on the mouth, yet strong enough to withstand rigorous chews. The bouncy dog toy allows for hours of chewy entertainment and exercise, from fetch to tug-of-war. The toy is available in all sizes for enthusiastic chompers: heavyweight, middleweight, and lightweight. The JW Chompion is also available in several assorted bright colors so that pet parents can keep track of the toy with ease.

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Product Features:

  • Durable natural rubber toy withstands even the most enthusiastic chewers for longer-lasting fun
  • Bumps surrounding the ends of the toy help clean plaque from teeth and protect gums from tartar
  • Strong rubber exercises dogs' jaws while they play, keeping them healthy and happy
  • Chompion dog toy is available in three sizes, providing a toy every dog size can enjoy
  • JW pet products are intelligently designed to provide safer and long-lasting toys pets love and pet parents trust