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Fuzzu Splatter Bugs Blast-O Cat Toy


radioactive splatterbugs cat toys

In a dark corner of Bob's Science Lab...

With one calculated swat, Fluffy knocked the curiously glowing beaker of green liquid off the table. In what seemed like slow-mo, it crashed magnificently on the dank and sticky floor. You see, Bob liked his bananas while working and he was in the habit of leaving half-eaten ones about.

As fate would have it, a small cluster of oblivious fruit flies were milling about, directly under the toxic spill. A confusion of smoke, a big bang, and a BOOM filled the room...

Your kitty will relish swatting, squishing, and tossing these freakish fruities! Our secret ingredient...The best organic catnip in the whole wide world!

Blast-O is made with non-toxic (and non-radioactive) materials and organic catnip. 4.75" W x 4.75" H