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*Donation* Bandana


Are you here to support dogs in need?  Then this is the page for you! Each donation item purchased is sent directly to the New Collar Collective to support foster dogs while they wait for their forever home.  

Along with sending this item to New Collar Collective, we raise funds off each sale too!  Checkout how much you're helping us raise below...

New Collar Collective is a not-for-profit animal rescue organization committed to alleviating animal homelessness. In pursuit of this mission, New Collar Collective rescues stray, abandoned, abused, or surrendered companion animals requiring care, attention and human assistance. They believe in the transformative power of love, so all of our animals are placed in nurturing fosters homes. While in foster care, they receive the vetting and basic training required for them to thrive once adopted out to loving forever homes. 

Is your pup ready to change the world? Make a difference in the lives of dogs all over the world simply by spoiling yours with the gear they want & need.  Every item raises funds to end animal abuse around the globe & this product is donated directly to the New Collar Collective too!  Join Toby's mission. Together we can change the world, one dog at a time.


$4 Raised from each one sold! 

Each bandana purchase will send a bandana to a foster dog, which will be embroidered with "Adopt Me".  These will be used for photo shoots & more while trying to find the pup's forever home