Blue Zig Zag Patterned Matching Leash & Collar
Blue Zig Zag Patterned Matching Leash & Collar
Blue Zig Zag Patterned Matching Leash & Collar
Blue Zig Zag Patterned Matching Leash & Collar
Blue Zig Zag Patterned Matching Leash & Collar
Blue Zig Zag Patterned Matching Leash & Collar
Blue Zig Zag Patterned Matching Leash & Collar

Blue Zig Zag Patterned Matching Leash & Collar

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Show off your puppy's style with this matching leash & collar set! These blue Zig Zag patterned matching leash and collar are highly durable, fashionable and give your dog the flare they need to turn heads.  Grab them as a set or order just a leash or collar. Either way, your puppy will be the best looking one at the dog park.

Is your pup ready to make a difference? Start changing the lives of dogs all over the world simply by spoiling them with the gear they want & need.  Every item raises funds to end animal abuse around the globe.  Get your dog involved in Toby's mission & change the world today...

$10  donated from each set sold!


Small: 20-29cm Collar / 4ft Leash

Medium: 27-41cm Collar / 4ft Leash

Large: 37-60cm Collar / 5ft Leash


Material: Lightweight Nylon
Size: Various Sizes (See sizing above)
Width: 2.5 Cm
Dog Size: Mini - Extra Large

Product Features

  • Durable nylon material withstands the toughest pullers
  • Lightweight feel provides ultimate comfort & shoulder relief to older dogs
  • Comfortable fit with highly adjustable sizes
  • Wide collar to avoid trachea discomfort

To size a collar for your dog, use their current collar and measure from the edges of each buckle.

If you don't have a collar for your dog already, use a slack rope or thin flexible material to gently measure the circumference of their neck. Mark where the ends of the material meet and measure those points with a ruler or tape measure.


Express Delivery Item! Ships to all Canadian Addresses in 10 Days or Less
One Day Delivery in Select Regions

Satisfaction guaranteed! If you don't like your product, send us a message and we'll refund the order.  Your happiness is our top priority!

Here at Terrible Toby's we wanted to make a difference by creating change in the lives of dogs everywhere! Our mission is to make changing the world as easy as spoiling your own furry friend. Here's a message from Toby himself...

I'm a lucky puppy. I've got a warm bed, lots of toys, food and a yard to run in! I guess my human is okay too... One day I realized that not every puppy is as lucky as me. That's when I decided I had to help. So, with the help of my human, I've set up this store to directly support dogs across the world.  Now I need you and your pup's help to change the world together!

The concept of Terrible Toby's is simple. For every dollar of profit made from each order, 50 cents is donated directly to the New Collar Collective.  

New Collar Collective is a not-for-profit animal rescue organization committed to alleviating animal homelessness. In pursuit of this mission, New Collar Collective rescues stray, abandoned, abused, or surrendered companion animals requiring care, attention and human assistance. They believe in the transformative power of love, so all of our animals are placed in nurturing fosters homes. While in foster care, they receive the vetting and basic training required for them to thrive once adopted out to loving forever homes.  


Toby decided to partner with New Collar Collective because of the amazing direct impact they have on dogs both inside of Canada & around the world. New Collar Collective also supports their community through a number of community outreach initiatives. Animal rescue is collaborative, and New Collar Collective is committed to supporting the communities that we are a part of. Choosing an organization that is close to home was an important decision for Toby & he’s very excited to be helping their outstanding cause! With your help, we can support their efforts to get animals into loving forever homes & change the lives of dogs everywhere!

Want to help but don't need dog supplies? Don't worry, there are so many ways you can support the cause. You can head to the New Collar Collective Donation Page to donate directly or learn about other ways to support such as volunteering, fostering or adopting a new furry family member from their homepage.

You can also donate supplies purchased from our website! All you have to do is head to our Donate section and checkout with the items you want to donate.  All those items will be shipped directly to New Collar Collective to help support their pups in need.

Or, you can purchase a gift card from us for someone who does need some supplies! To purchase a gift card please get in touch with Toby at (allow 24 hours for response)

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