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Raising Funds for Animals In Need

We started Terrible Toby's as a fundraiser to help support animal rescues on their mission. Our goal is to foster a space where anyone can spoil their pet at home & know that purchase is helping animals around the world too! By donating a portion of every sale to help animals in need, we're giving you the chance to make change a part of your (and your pet's) daily life.

Supporting New Collar Collective

In early 2021 we created a partnership with NCC to help support their mission of alleviating animal homelessness in Canada and abroad. Today we're proud to continue supporting this mission as we both grow together.

Making Change Easy

Giving everyone the opportunity to make a change, simply by spoiling their pets at home. In early 2022 we opened our first storefront inside the Krug Street Plaza! We wanted to make it quick, convenient and easy for every pet owner to support both their animal and animals around the world too.

Visit Us Our Store

501 Krug Street

Kitchener, Ontario

10am - 7:30pm (mon-fri)

11am - 6pm (Saturdays)

11am - 5pm (Sundays)

About Our Fundraiser

Raising Funds from Every Sale!

Terrible Toby's is not a registered charity or not for profit. We are a licensed business which takes part in large fundraising initiatives. Upon launch of our business, we donated 50% of the profit from every item we sold. Since undergoing a large amount of growth, our operational costs have risen significantly and we're unable to keep this donation rate. Now we donate 50 cents from every order of $5 or more processed online or in store.

We Strive to be the Drivers of Change!

By spoiling your furry friend at home you know you're supporting New Collar Collective's Mission to alleviate animal homelessness in Canada and abroad!

Definitely Wanted to Be a Part of It!

Hearing that he wanted to raise funds for the [animals in need] and just knowing what they’re all about and how they’re just rescuing all these animals, I thought it was fantastic. I definitely wanted to be a part of it and I wanted my dogs to be a part of it as well.
Amazing Cause!

What a cool store with such an amazing cause! I had some sizing issues with the security sweater. But Toby & his Dad helped me out and got it solved right away. Excellent customer service!
Got to Meet Toby's Dad!

Such a cool idea! I picked up a few bandanas and got to talk to Tobys dad at the St Jacobs Market a few weeks back. Such cute accessories and love the cause they support...