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A Boy & His Dog On a Mission to Change the World

I started Terrible Toby's Dog Supply Depot with one thing in mind... Change.Obviously change is all around us right now... But what I had in mind was change for dogs.  Change for dogs that don't have a voice, don't have food in their bowls or toys to chase.  Dogs that don't feel the same kind of love as Toby or your pup at home feel everyday.  But I can't do it alone, which is where my idea for Terrible Toby's came....How can I make it as easy as possible for ordinary puppies to make extraordinary change for other dogs?  I wanted to create the easiest way for someone to support a cause that no dog owner can say no to.  That's when I came up with the idea to start a dog store that's sole mission is to end dog abuse & cruelty around the world.

Picking The Right Leash For Your Dog

Finding the right leash, harness or collar can be hard when there are so many different options. Having to think about what kind of leash is best for you and your dog can be difficult. That's where we come in to help. Here at Terrible Toby’s, we have plenty of different options, but also the explanations behind them. 

Pet Friendly Places in the KW Area

With the weather getting warmer, it’s human nature to want to take your pups everywhere you go. But it can be overwhelming with the number of places that are dog friendly in the KW area. We (Owen, Toby, and I) spent the last 2 weeks researching, visiting and interviewing different establishments on how they are dog friendly. We then curated our list of bakeries, breweries and shops that we enjoyed. We also got in contact withDog Friendly KWand asked them a few questions to see what their favourite dog friendly places were. 

Why a Slow Feeder?

Dogs love their food... There's no doubt in my, Toby's or your mind about it! But some dogs (Including the Terrible Toby) might love it a bit too much.  While it's perfect for training, it's not so great when it comes to F-O-O-D time. That's why the Slow Feeder was invented. With dogs literally trying to inhale their food, slow feeders were made to prevent this.  Why? Let me explain below...

Answering the Q's of IQ Toys

IQ toy is our general term for any interactive or treat dispensing dog toy.  There are puzzles, treat dispensers, lickimats, snuffle mats and tons of other designs too! Basically anything that makes your dog figure out an action or sniff out a reward usually in the form of treat.

Choosing the Right Puzzle for Your Animal

Toby loves his IQ toys. I love his IQ toys… They’re so much fun! But what’s the deal with IQ toys… What do they actually do and why are they becoming so popular? Here I’m going to do my best to answer all the Q’s (questions) of IQ toys.  

What to Put in a Lickimat? Peanut Butter Alternatives

Toby loves his lickimats! They’re absolutely fantastic for killing energy, keeping him entertained and as a nice reward after a long day. When I fill my lickimats my go to is peanut butter. Peanut Butter is convenient, budget friendly and easy to add. However, there are some downsides to using peanut butter that I’ve come to notice… 

Introducing a Rescue Dog into the Family

Hello! My name is Alex and I’m the summer Marketing Assistant for Terrible Tobys. I’ve absolutely been loving the position and one of the tasks that I’ve been doing throughout my term has been coming up with and writing blog posts for our website, some of which you might have already read. One of my ideas was talking about introducing a new dog to the family, specifically introducing a rescue dog into your family and a previous dog. Over quarantine, my family did just that, and who better to interview about this is my mom! I asked her a few questions regarding our family history and her history with dogs, the process of adopting a rescue and things she learned. 

Picking the Right Collar/Harness

Just like finding the right leash, it is important to also have the right collar or harness for your dog. There are a few different styles each all having different uses, features and training purposes while still keeping your pet looking stylish. 

Go To Guide on Pet First Aid

Along with having a standard first aid kit in your house, it is important for pet owners to also have a pet first aid kit. Now you might be wondering what should go in this kit. Well, we curated a list of what you should have and other items we recommended along with the reasoning behind the items.