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High IQ Dog Puzzle - Star


Dog's need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical exercise.  Terrible Toby's IQ collection is made to help bust boredom and give your pup the much needed mental activity they need!  Keep your pup thinking at their best by encouraging problem solving skills & their natural scavenging instinct.  IQ toys are perfect for any dog looking to kill some time on those long afternoons & work well with almost any breed of dog! 

The Star Puzzle is our hardest puzzle in our collection, Toby still has trouble beating it and he uses one almost everyday! The rotating centre piece creates a unique challenge for your dog that other puzzles don't replicate.  Plus because of the design you can set up the puzzle in numerous different ways, creating a different solve each time your pup tries it out.  No more hunting for new puzzles for your dog to solve, this one is sure to have them beat!

Is your pup ready to change the world? Make a difference in the lives of dogs all over the world simply by spoiling yours with the gear they want & need.  Every item raises funds to end animal abuse around the globe.  Join Toby's mission! Together we can change the world, one dog at a time.

By purchasing your IQ Dog Puzzles with Terrible Toby you are directly supporting the end of dog abuse around the world! Learn more on our How To Help page.

$2 Raised from Every One Sold!

Product Features:

  • Encourages mental stimulation & brain training
  • Promotes natural scavenging instincts
  • Beneficial in a happy, healthy lifestyle for dogs
  • Perfect for all life stages & sizes
  • Fights boredom in highly active dogs
  • Helps sooth anxiety

Material: Plastic
Size: 23x23cm
Skill Level: 2
Dog Size: Small - Large