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Conair pro Boar Bristle Brush


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The Conair PRODog Pet-It Boar Bristle Brush features 50-Percentage natural boar and 50-Percentage synthetic bristles that move easily through short and curly coats. Use the bristle brush to smooth and distribute oils in your pet’s fur for a natural, healthy shine. Brush daily to maintain a smooth and shiny coat. Features Palm-Petting Grip Technology. Slip the grip through your fingers to hold the brush comfortably in the palm of your hand. Pet-It allows you to groom your pet comfortably with the petting motion your pet knows and loves. Available in six different styles: Shampoo Massage Brush, Soft Slicker Brush, Metal Pin Brush, Slicker Brush, Boar Bristle Brush and Curry Comb.